A substantial part of the CMT’s work is carried out in close collaboration with municipalities. This happens for several reasons: it is a direct consequence of a vision of art as a tool for human development (and therefore attentive to the needs of different social contexts and committed to decentralization and wider access to the “art experience”); an interest in developing artistic experiences that emanate from “readings of the landscape” (broad sense); the fact that, by choice, we do not have our own presentation space, which implies the need to inhabit the spaces of others.

CMT´s local intervention also takes place through the articulation with the academic work, carried out at the Universities of Aveiro (UA) and NOVA in Lisbon.

The comprehensive presence that we have in the country’s geography is possible due to the agile nature of CMT’s structure, to the design of artistic works characterized by high portability, to the fact that CMT has a regular set of collaborators (some of whom formed by us) and the fact that we treat our local partners as part of the “CMT family”.

Collaboration with municipalities is framed by strategic cooperation protocols that, among other aspects, specify financial contributions, and are crucial elements for the management and economic sustainability of CMT´s plan of activities. This strategy allows us to allocate resources for the essence of our work, creation, and facilitates the circulation of our work.

The relationship with the Municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão dates to the beginning of CMT, and has allowed not only the regular premieres of new creations on the stage of Casa das Artes, as well as the realization of projects in the surroundings and in other spaces such as the Parque da Devesa. This long-term relationship also includes support in logistics and human resources, allowing the possibility to extend the artistic action to various parts of the Municipality, as well as to mobilize teachers and educators from all over the municipality for training activities.

In the Center area of Portugal CMT has solid relations with the Municipality of Albergaria, and in particular with the Municipality of Aveiro, which have allowed the circulation and co-production of new creations. The development of local projects in articulation with the community and with UA students is one of the differentiating characteristics.

We also have a strong local intervention in Lisbon, either through the partnership with NOVA FCSH (and in particular with the Laboratory of Music and Communication in Infancy) or through the support of the Municipality and we have recently developed two major projects within the scope of the Lisbon European Green Capital 2020.

The relationship with the Municipality of Loulé is more recent but is particularly structured by a strong resonance in the model of “artistic-educational constellations” that has led to a set of regular initiatives (immersive training, circulation of recent creations, reflection).

In 2023-2026, we will initiate protocols with the Municipalities of Fundão (resuming a relationship that dates back to the beginning of the CMT) and Castelo de Vide (where we hope to develop regular work, in parallel with what we already have in Marvão).

In terms of decentralization, in addition to circulation through the a wide range of municipalities such as Bragança, Paredes de Coura, Ribeira Grande, the regular presence of the CMT in Évora (Eborae Musica) with music activities for early childhood also deserves to be highlighted.