Creativity is the vehicle of freedom

Creativity is the freedom of our unbelievable flexible mind and body to make new connections. It can repair and evolve, and create the unthought new. It has the power to shine the light from different angles, to open our bodies and minds to other realities.

They give us the capacity to “dream”, to rise above our daily troubles and connect with different realms that gives us hope and dreams that trigger and stimulate the flexibility to look at seemingly unsolvable problems and connect us with our power to “create” the unknown that’s waiting to be born!

Creativity is an attitude as well, an openness to allow to be ‘in-spired’ by something bigger than us, something bigger then the restricting rigidness of the established structures of power. A rigidness that makes so many of us feel desperately powerless against the seemingly unmovable magnitude of these forces. But there’s nothing rigid in this world. That’s just an idea! Everything changes all the time. Often more deeply then we understand.

Creativity is the only way to cope and play with all of this. We need to learn on all levels to let go of what seemed to be our anchors of security and become more aware of our core-believes that give direction to our development and actions. Everything seems to change faster and faster. Nothing is permanent! We have to be aware that even these believes may be open to change and evolution. Flexibility is the answer! The only way to “survive” is learning to adapt, trust our capacity to “swim in the rivers of change ” and restore our connection with the greater Spirit.

In stimulating and validating our flexibility to adapt, we learn to trust to go with the flow of the moment and feel where and how we can add the flavours and colours of our hopes and dreams. We need to develop the courage to trust ourselves and the power and wisdom of our Creativity in the middle of the insecurity of what comes in a future nobody knows or can imagine.

Creativity can be used for whatever we choose, on a material, emotional or spiritual level. It always contributes to change. As the word already says, we can be in-spired by the wisdom of the greater Good of the great Spirit that created everything. That Wisdom shines within each one of us, it’s the wisdom of compassion, of the heart, of love. But we’re also ‘in-spired’ by the spirits from the darker sides of our beings, the ones that contribute to destruction, hate and violence. We have to remember they’re also part of the great Spirit, and come with lessons of destructing the old to create space for something new, to learn the lessons of letting go and listen to the wounded hearts. It’s wise to remember they’re always connected, there’s no light without darkness. They are just 2 sides of the mirror of the sacred UNION.

But we have a choice from where and how we want to direct our energy. Do we want to contribute to a world with more love, respect, freedom and peace with all that lives or do we choose to create the new through conflict, fear, war and destruction? Unknowingly we express our choice and attitude in everything we think, do and say. We can train ourselves to be more aware and communicate what we choose to nurture in ourselves, and in our world.

To allow the great Wisdom to shine through in our daily life we need to learn to listen, to sit quiet and calm down our always active minds, and dare to act according to our heart with laughter and playful joy. To answer to the challenges of what happens in the world around us, Creativity helps us to find a way to play the game. It can be applied everywhere and in thousand ways. Depending on who we are on a deeper level, where we’re born and how we’re raised we can Create through Music, Art and Theatre, but also in the realms of Family, Community, Politics, Farming, Construction, Education, Medicine or Science. Although very powerful, it’s not only in the Arts. Creativity can be applied everywhere.

But there are some Universal Tools of Communication that have been tested and proved to resonate in all that lives. The power of Sound and Vibration that gave birth to Life. Sounds that help to restore our balance, to tune into ourselves and sing to our sacred bodies, to families and friends, to the kingdom of animals and plants, to this world and our planet in disarray. Wisely used sounds have the power to connect, resonate, tune and heal all inside and outside ourselves. It touches at all levels. Let’s tune into this celestial choir to vibrate with the Spirit that created all. Let’s resonate with Creativity in its purest form.

Jacomina Kistemaker
Psychologist, Healing Sounds teacher and investigator, Founder of Centro Punta de Couso