In 2023-24 we celebrate 25 years of CMT
We present to you our questions for the future.

We ask of our friends, old and new, for the “open sesame” to their trove of inquiry.
Whence did we arrive?
Whither go we forth?
Are they still wildflowers if we plant them?
Does a dry river still empty into the sea?
Can we find inspiration simply by breathing?
Do the gods have regrets?
Do our flowerings produce seeds?
Do our touches find redemption?
Is water the blood of the cactus?
Are our bodies merely containers for our blood?
Does the Angelus bring the dark?
Must we be slow enough to see the tree grow?
Whose voice is calling me?
How deep is a landscape?
What light does the lilac give?

We call on people of wisdom, poets of beauty, vagabonds of words, suppliers of fabrics and canvases, delinquents of the blue sky, trees aspiring to feeling, scientists, philosophers, those fallen from spirituality, ceramic therapists, those whose kind eyes are seen in the margins, financiers of sleep, devotees of dance and of resilience, tuners of the heavens, shamans, magicians, and Smiths working over all anvils.

We seek a trace, a rumor, a thread of hope.
We assemble texts, opinions, sweet&salty phrases, new syllables.
We will reorder orders, guidelines, regulations, advice.

They will write here, with us, joining their invisible hands with ours, to lead with grace and mischief, our voices gathering within the eternal silence.

Thank you.

Helena Rodrigues, Founding Member of CMT

(Transliteration by Anthony Martin — for a long time, a friend of Companhia de Música Teatral)