Companhia de Música Teatral has a recognized path of presenting experiences of high artistic quality and careful interaction with babies. AliBaBach is a good example of this philosophy. In this setting, the music of Bach in the host and Goldberg Variations the inspiration to create a voyage through dance, music and theatre, encouraging babies and parents to communicate and interact.

AliBaBach is an interactive performance-piece for babies and the grown ups caring for them. It explores the Universe of J. S Bach and how Bach can become a musical mediator between adults and very young children.

AliBaBach is based on the vast experience of CMT working with babies in productions such as BebéBabá, Bebé Plim-Plim and Andakibébé. In these performances very young children are exposed to rich, contrasting musical stimuli, as well as to fundamental elements of musical discourse in playful environments featuring a generous amount of interaction and communication between children and their caregivers.

AliBaBach is loosely based around The Goldberg Variations, with several of the variations giving rise to new tableaux, combining music, dance and theatre. It encompasses a variety of contrasting musical styles and is rooted in the voices of the two performers. The voices reveal their immense flexibility, at the same time displaying influences from classical as well as ethnic music. The vocal element is complemented by the use of toy instruments.

The performance of AliBaBach alternates between energetic moments and moments of great interiority. It features elements with a delicate and subtle sense of humor, presented in a poetic and intimate tone, always interacting and accompanying the audience. It is an invitation for babies and those who care for them to take the guiding hand of Bach, and enter the World of Music with ears and eyes open.