Formação Transitiva Arte Para a Infância (Transitional Childhood Art Training) was conceived with GermInArte — TransFormação Artística para o Desenvolvimento Social e Humano a partir da Infância (Artistic Transformation for Social and Human development from Childhood). It is aimed at educators, musicians and other artists with an interest in musical interventions in the context of interacting with babies and children (0-6 years old).

It consists of a set of three three-hour modules (Colos de Música, Bebé PlimPlim and Super-Sonics) based on the corresponding sections in “Manual para a Construção de Jardins Interiores” (Manual for Constructing Indoor Gardens, published by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian). It covers various aesthetic and educational viewpoints in relation to children and aims to provide musical experiences that can enrich interaction with babies and children. The general training objectives are: to understand the educational potential of the Manual; to explore communication resources in relation to the body, voice and use of unconventional sound resources; to understand how to use music and movement repertoire in different educational contexts; to appreciate significant moments of musical interaction; and to make contact with other early years professionals in different contexts.