What goes on in heaven is a mystery. Clouds, birds and angels roam freely in a space without limits, intangible, volatile and without form, but at the same time unique wherever it exists: the sky above each place reflects the landscape, the sounds, the stories and the desires and who inhabits it. O Céu Por Cima de Cá (Heavens Above Here) is an artistic proposal that seeks to build an imaginary space where the present time and the past mingle, the real and the virtual space intertwine, the daily life and art intersect.

An “heaven” inhabited by characters moved by music and movement, able to speak the language of birds and angels, but, above all, the multiple dialects, shapes, colors and sounds with which poetry can be given wings. Images collected in the process of interaction of the characters with the place (in a record of performance in the public space) cohabit with records of old films and documentaries, there are birds that grow at fingertips, clouds of sounds that wander through unlikely places and times, some humor and irony when addressing unresolved issues that all humans have when they think of what hangs above what their hands reach.

The final artistic work is a music-theatre performance, a “poetic treatise” deeply inspired by the biography of each place, by the calling of the land and its inhabitants. In each city, its visual and sound landscapes, current and past, human. A journey guided by birds, angels and clouds that cross the territories of poetry, music, image and movement without stopping at the borders. Mysterious, like everything that goes on in heavens. But that can be felt on stage, or at home, because the interactive performance also occurs through the Zoom platform. A challenge that continues the local work of research and collection and that intends to continue to give wings to the imaginary birds that have been seen. To the dreams and wishes of all who the imagination and the hands make fly.