Tuning People, Birds and Flowers was the title initially given to a documentary by filmmaker Luís Margalhau, and later to a conference-performance designed to communicate the ideas that make CMT’s work distinct, not only aesthetically, but also for ethical and educational reasons.

The conference-performance can be programmed on its own or in conjunction with a flexible set of workshops that use CMT’s work as starting material for practices that involve participants in making music in a very broad sense. Combining elements of movement, theatre and sound, a series of creative and practical journeys open the eyes and ears to the idea that “tuning” is more than a pre-condition for the production of music: it is actually the end goal and encompasses both body and mind in creating solid relationships with the world. Non-verbal communication is the basis for practical work that is interspersed with periods of reflection and discussion based on video material covering projects such as ZYG, Babelim, and Jardim Interior, among others. The workshops have a flexible structure, are adapted to each specific group of participants, can be developed over a few days, and are aimed at artists and educators.