The scenic-sound universe of Companhia de Música Teatral (CMT) has been one of the distinguishing features of CMT’s work for several years. Sound resources of great accessibility, with a “theatricality” full of references, are at the base of Inventário dos Frutos, an exhibition / installation / discovery space that proposes a reflection on art and education, inviting visitors to know the model of “creation of artistic-educational constellations” that has been developed by CMT. An incursion into the creative and sensorial universe of CMT, bringing together a selection of scenic-sound objects, created in the context of various artistic and educational projects, such as Babelim, Jardim Interior, Dabo Domo, NOAH, Murmuratorium or Mil Pássaros, a proposal of listening with the whole body, of creative readings based on the plurality of the senses and on “tuning people, birds and flowers”. At Teatro Municipal da Covilhã, in Abril, Inventário dos Frutos #4 was like this: