The IXth International Colloquium on Arts For Childhood and Social and Human Development took place at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon and, as in previous years, featured a variety of guests and areas of research and culture, such as pedagogical research into childhood music, cinema, developmental child psychology in association with passerine bird ethology, dance, education, choreography and music. Access the programme here.

The IXth Colloquium ended with Étude #2 (peer reviewed), a “highly probable encounter” between participants who worked together on a project that managed to integrate the areas of knowledge that had been simmering during the day: art / music, science and birds! Étude #2 (peer reviewed) originated from the experimental and intellectual context of the Colloquium and the desire to continue what began in Étude #1, presented at Jardim Interior de Loulé (here on Facebook and here on YouTube)

Synopsis of this “co(i)nspiração”:

Il Maestro (Paulo Maria Rodrigues) concluded his conference “Art, Community and Education: A Thousand Birds, A Thousand Places” by praising technology and robotics, giving the example of machines that act as substitutes for human beings. Given artificial intelligence, Il Maestro asked: why not dispense with real birds and replace them with robots? Thus, it was possible to witness at first hand a prototype resulting from Il Maestro’s rigorous research work with scientist Dr. Fortuna (Jorge Graça). The inventor of CyberBird was invited to join Il Maestro. Their robot bird has numerous advantages, the most interesting of which is the possibility of a songbird being perfectly in tune and reproducing perfect melodies! And perfection is what we are looking for!

To interact with CyberBird in an unforgettable debut, Il Maestro invited Maria Pavone (Maria João Sousa), the internationally famous opera singer, to sing a well-known piece from the lyrical repertoire with CyberBird. The Diva was delighted and excited to participate in this cutting-edge scientific experience and chose Offenbach’s celebrated aria “les oiseaux dans la charmille”. In all her tours, Maria Pavone is accompanied by her devout and faithful Chambermaid (Rita Roberto) and her Fireman (António Dente), who are ready to assist their lady in any way necessary.

When the show begins, The Diva is excited about what she experiences – the CyberBird is irresistible. But Maria Pavone cannot handle much emotion and passes out in ecstasy, falling into the arms of the Chambermaid. The Fireman tries to revive her with everything to hand. The show must go on!! Il Maestro does not stop; he continues and volunteer helpers appear in the form of They Themselves (Inês Silva and Mariana Vences) who try to minimize the damage so it is not a total disaster, while the Chambermaid and the Fireman try to revive their lady. She regains her senses, reconsiders her new cyber love, and it all ends in apotheosis!

Maria João Sousa