Com Palavras Amo is one of CMT’s new creations planned for 2023. We want to transform the words written by Eugénio de Andrade into sound, making them inhabit people’s voices.  Eugénio de Andrade spoke about words several times. With love. Perhaps the same love he had for Music, because both flow from the same source, according to him. Our relationship with the Poet dates back to the time when we still didn’t know that birds also inhabited his music: Uma Prenda Para Eugénio de Andrade (1999) was one of CMT’s first projects and what we discovered and learned then made us want to go further. We will return to Eugénio de Andrade, like the birds that return to the tree where they were born. We will be at the Eugénio de Andrade Municipal Library, in Fundão, between January and April listening and developing opportunities to know, experiment, discover, create and share. The recorded words will later be transformed into “hearing landscapes” that will resound in Moagem from June onwards.