The installation Com Palavras Amo results from a participatory process built from the poetry of Eugénio de Andrade. It is a scenic-sound-space that invites “listening” to “soundscapes” created with voices inhabited by the Poet´s words.

Over several months we developed opportunities to get to know, experience, discover, say, listen to his poetic universe. We worked with very diverse people and fell in love, again, with the Music of his words, which we knew in silence, now with colors and tones of ordinary people. The Biblioteca Eugénio de Andrade was the “home” and “mother” of many sessions with “communities” in Fundão, but the Poet’s “voice” took us to other places as well. Eugénio spoke several times about words. With love. Perhaps the same love he had for Music, because both flow from the same source, according to him. The installation is, therefore, an exercise in transforming written words into “listening landscapes” that are revealed when the public activates a set of “sound sculptures” that make the space resonate. Com Palavras Amo celebrates the work of Eugénio, in the year in which the centenary of his birth is celebrated.

The installation will be inaugurated on June 3, 16:00, in Moagem – Cidade do Engenho e das Artes, Fundão and will be on display in this space until August 13. Between September 8th and October 7th Com Palavras Amo will live in the Museu dos Biscainhos in Braga


The sound material that integrates the installation is also available on SoundCloud:

Com Palavras Amo – Xenopianos


Com Palavras Amo – Xenopieces


Com Palavras Amo – Solos


Com Palavras Amo – Nuvens


Com Palavras Amo – Fragisolos


Com Palavras Amo – Exotiques


Com Palavras Amo – Electropoems


Com Palavras Amo – Coros


Com Palavras Amo – Duos


Com Palavras Amo – Biografias