A Gift for Eugénio de Andrade started with the idea that music and poetry “spring from the same source”. Built entirely around the work of poet Eugénio de Andrade, the show includes compositions by Fernando Lopes-Graça, José Atalaya, João Camacho and Paulo Maria Rodrigues and is structured in seven movements: Genesis, The Birth of Music, The Fruits of Labor, Love is Urgent, This and Other Clouds, I Speak of the Body, and The Words.

The show follows the principle of mixing different forms of artistic expression, and, thanks to the collaboration of artists from different backgrounds, it is an intense exploration of artistic, visual and technological components. In sonic terms it combines voices (it is a co-production with Coro de Câmara choir from Lisbon), instruments, recordings and unconventional sound resources. But, above all, A Gift for Eugénio de Andrade expresses enormous affection for the poet. The musical words that live in each of us are dedicated to him.  Thank you, Eugénio, for knowing how to accept this verse: “With words I love.”