“As Águias Voam Legatto” (The Eagles Fly Legato) integrates songs by Fauré into a stage show that exposes the preparations for a recital. Through a staged argument based on the idea that the composer’s work is autobiographical, the show presents information about Fauré’s melodies and poems.

“As Águias Voam Legatto” revisits the preparatory work for these recitals, also revealing some of the images and metaphors the performers use in their rehearsals and brings to light the emotional, sensitive, intuitive, spiritual and mystical nature of the musical experience. Using biographical mirrors, it allows for a gentle, intimate revelation of Fauré’s creative process along with that of the performers.

“Nós e Voz” very closely follows the format of a singing and piano recital, suggesting a journey through the expression of a collective musical identity. Combining the distinct musical languages of composers such as Ravel, Falla, Britten and Berio, it investigates the folk traditions of countries such as Spain, Greece, Italy, England and Portugal, with arrangements of traditional songs by Lopes-Graça and Paulo Maria Rodrigues.