Andakibébé began as a book/CD edited by Companhia de Música Teatral. After clear feedback from parents and educators about the educational relevance of this publication, we created a show based on the material.

Between theatre and music, with humor and irreverence, exploring rich and colorful sonic and visual environments, a pianist and five singers create a live performance; more than a show, it is a party, a notion of how to communicate through music, theatre and movement.

Starting with games and play from a child’s point of view, the music makes sense of a set of contrasting elements and builds a close relationship between children and adults throughout the show. The audience is invited to join the show and participate in energetic musical moments, as well as being able to listen and carefully contemplate other people in a more subtle and poetic way. The varied, rich and contrasting music, including original themes, songs and traditional Portuguese rhymes, interacts with colorful costumes, scenery and props that change throughout the show along with video projections of animations based on the original illustrations in the book. The show takes the audience on a journey of memories and imagination, exploring the territory of universal communication through art.

Andakibebé demonstrates that music teaching, developmental psychology and education can be approached with a determinedly creative attitude and the aim of promoting interaction within the family. “The show must go on” at home, or in the nursery and we hope it gives rise to many other parties and shows!