“Cyberlieder” is a music-theatre piece for singers and “wearable computing”. The traditional costume of an opera singer was transformed into an interface that communicated with a computer to control various real-time transformations of the sounds of singing.

A new vocabulary emerged, which combined elements of classical music and opera with sounds closer to sound poetry and experimental music, and with physical or theatrical actions. The performance created moments that oscillated between delicate and furiously energetic poetry, with absurd and humorous elements, and was simultaneously unpredictable and coherent. The project was first presented in Vancouver at NIME 2005, and led to academic publications.

This work forms part of a regular collaboration with Rolf Gehlhaar and Luís Girão, which also includes the project “UnoDuoTrio”, a musical performance based on improvisation / real-time composition featuring original electronic instruments (like Sound=Space and Multiverse), found objects, electronically manipulated acoustic instruments (flute and piano) and visual projections.

Zyklus Opus III brings together spoken word, piano and electronics, percussion and sound sculpture in an improvised performance based on a text by Elvira Santiago entitled Zyklus Opus II. A mixture of different discourses and aesthetics (Paulo Maria Rodrigues, Helena Rodrigues, Elisabeth Davies and João Ricardo de Barros Oliveira) explore a range of references to Stockhausen, sound and time.