Zoo Lógico consists of a set of performative frames (body/image/sound), built from basic concepts of logic, geometry, algebra, and mathematical analysis. It’s a show that can be seen, heard and thought about in many ways.

Zoo Lógica doesn’t aim to solve mathematical problems, but to create problems that mathematics can solve. Accompanied by a CD that explains the intrinsic mathematical content, the show presents mathematical concepts through entertaining and catchy music, games and dance.

With great rhythm from beginning to end, we grab a line that leads us to witness the theft of Newton’s binomial; to weep at the hardships of the Quotient who fell madly in love with a mystery person who turns out to be the sum of the square of the cathetus (which is like the hypotenuse) until the Greatest Common Divisor arrives to undo unity and transform it into a triangle: a love triangle…!

The interactive digital systems create surprising visual effects when they show us the square life we sometimes lead, or show us the feast of Saint Ellipse where a circumference turns into an ellipse at the taste of the love of a policeman… It is a fun show that also explores and explains the scientific concepts it is based on. A spectacle of deconstruction.