Ecos (instalation) is a poetic way of making resonate some aspects of the work carried out in the municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão, in Jardim de Infância de Seide, in Centro Social da Paróquia de Castelões and in Centro Social Paroquial de Requião, over the course of 2022, within the scope of Jardim Orizuro’s project.

Ecos creates awareness to the need to care for our Earth, our “fragile home”. The mill from Parque da Devesa, hovering over “noisy waters” is the nest-home where memories and the present cross paths. Here, the birds of Jardim Orizuro reunite with other birds born “from the tips of the fingers” of many children and adults that participated in previous initiatives of the project “Mil Pássaros” (A Thousand Birds).

Ecos is also a meeting point in a city, resonating the desire that art and education are the path to inhabit an Earth full of green.

The Ecos’ installation celebrates a collective desire, present in Jardim Orizuro and Mil Pássaros’s projects, of “tuning people, birds and flowers.” The birds’ “humming” makes us believe that it is possible to fly together.

The opening of Ecos’ Installation is celebrated with a performance and the presentation of Rotas de Mil Pássaros (A Thousand Birds’ Route) publication, on Friday, April 22nd at 7pm in do Parque da Devesa’s mill in Vila Nova de Famalicão.


Ecos (Instalation and Performance) / Jardim Orizuro Project

Conception and production: Companhia de Música Teatral
Collaboration and Mediation: Casa das Artes, Parque da Devesa and Divisão Municipal da Cultura de V.N. Famalicão
Participating institutions: Jardim de Infância de Seide, Centro Social da Paróquia de Castelões, Centro Social Paroquial de Requião
Institutional Partner: Fundo de Fomento Cultural, Programa Garantir Cultura of the Ministry of Culture
Creation and execution date: 2020-2022

Parceiro Institucional: Direção-Geral das Artes e República Portuguesa | Cultura