Within the scope of the Garantir Cultura program of the Ministry of Culture, we invited some of the artists who regularly collaborate with us to create Jardim Orizuro (Orizuro Garden) in the Municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão, in collaboration with Casa das Artes and Parque da Devesa. Three social / educational intervention actions aimed at different target audiences, mediated by artistic practices, in close collaboration with the Divisão Municipal da Cultura e Turismo de Vila Nova de Famalicão. Taking care of a “garden”,  guided by a collective will of “tuning, people, birds and flowers”.

Jardim Orizuro emerges from the artistic-educational constellation Mil Pássaros and the Cidade Orizuro project and takes place until April 2022  in three institutions in the municipality: the Centro Social Paroquial de Requião, the Jardim de Infância de Seide and the  Centro Social da Paróquia de Castelões.

The working process will be documented in a film by Luís Margalhau. There will also be “echoes” in an installation to be born in Parque da Devesa and in a set of exploratory activities of a technological nature, which will continue the achievements of Mil Pássaros at Loja da e-Nova, in Lisbon.

One more step to guarantee access to culture in a municipality that has a framework and a history leading to the birth of new ways of enjoying the artistic and educational experience. A garden with birds flying and sowing seeds so that more gardens can bloom, each with its own identity.