In Fundão, birds began to emerge in January, with the t.Lab Mil Pássaros training action. The Kindergarten educators who joined the Mil Pássaros project flew with CMT at Casino Fundanense. They experienced the wings of music, movement, plastic expression and learned about some of the suggestions we had for activities in the classroom. They prepared to involve families and to host PaPI-Opus 8 in their classrooms. Throughout February, with the support of the Gabinete do Pássaro, the project took place in kindergartens and at home, seeking to raise awareness among the community about the fragility of the planet we live on, the need to “listen” and “take care ”.

The construction of Orizuros (paper birds) was one of the proposed activities, a poetic and symbolic way of marking participation in the project, a way of welcoming the performance PaPI-Opus 8 in the classroom, an invitation to be part of the “murmuration” of dreams and desires of the community. The thousand birds from Fundão then flew to Moagem to gather in a single flock and give rise to another experience: an installation that integrates the community’s contribution in a dialogue with the sound and visual universe of CMT.

The installation Mil Pássaros is, therefore, the result of a process of sharing. An “innumerable hand” of children and adults gave birth to birds at their fingertips, which then joined together in a visual and sound “murmur” tuned by the desire for a better world. Orizuros, made according to the art of origami, are, according to Japanese tradition, a symbol of peace and happiness. And, it is said, wishes come true when a thousand orizuros are made.

In Fundão, the Mil Pássaros installation can be visited at Moagem from the 3rd of March and until the 14th of April. The arrival of Spring will be celebrated with birdsong. Real and Imaginary.