The Mural da História Comum installation in the foyer of the Cineteatro Louletano was created from the workshops we held in Salir with two pre-school classes. You cannot explain what freedom is to such young children. But it is possible to give them a taste of it. Making it tangible, proposing ways to experience it, to touch it, with the body, in the first person and in relationship with others. Throughout the creative process of the constellation A Liberdade a Passar Por Aqui, we have heard, and will continue to hear, the story and reports of what it was like to “wake up to freedom” after a long period of repression. But above all we are interested in the “experience of freedom” in the creation sessions and the “common stories” that promote a daily philosophical reflection about freedom and the care it demands in order to survive. And about the role that everyone has in making Freedom a common reality and the “fine-tuning” that this requires. The open creation session Prelúdio Para a Liberdade, at Fábrica das Artes, CCB, and the first Mural were two very important steps in the creation of the constellation, which will guide the next Prelúdios and Murals, as well as i.Lab and the PaPI-Opus 10 and A Liberdade a Passar Por Aqui shows (which will premiere in the fall). Long live freedom.