Mil Pássaros no Bairro Padre Cruz (One Thousand Birds in the Padre Cruz Community) is based on two great projects: Opus Tutti, best artistic practices for the creation of artistic and educational roots and Mil Pássaros (One Thousand Birds). These paths allowed experimenting and systematizing concepts, strategies, methodologies and resources. Manual Para a Construção de Jardins Interiores (Manual for the Construction of Inner Gardens) was one of the publications that resulted from Opus Tutti and is a starting point for a “creative flight” with three groups of users of the Centro Social do Bairro Padre Cruz (children, young people and the elderly).

The project provides for actions of a diverse nature, described below, which are part of a “whole” that has the ambition to be, not only a transforming experience for users, but also a contribution for other “gardens to flourish” and other “birds fly”.

The “experience of art” is now recognized as a determining factor in the integral development of people. The potential of “making music”, in particular, has aroused the interest of musicians, therapists, educators and researchers, giving rise to projects and transversal studies that are characterized by the intersection of disciplinary fields. The term “community music” has been used to describe a holistic approach to music, in which the creative participation of people in the construction of “dialogues” in a “universal language” brings together aspects of expression, education and therapy with strong impacts the personal transformation of each individual.