Opus 8 is a journey into the world of birds. All birds, real and imaginary, from stories, poetry and music, birds that invite us to fly, birds that sing with us. The journey started in kindergartens and schools because that’s where we find boys and girls at play. It is agile and colourful. It sings and travels, savouring sounds and movement.

A visit makes you want to see it again, later, in the voices and hands of those who welcome it, always ready to play. In more recent times, Opus 8 learnt to fly using Zoom. And so it reaches further afield, but is always very close to those who see and hear it.

In Opus 8.z the audience is also the breath that makes things happens, the inspiration for what is built. The audience is part of the piece, and people are invited to participate, interact and communicate. The journey is made with everyone.


Main language Music and Movement
Presentation platform The presentation is online through Zoom.
Performer Inês Rodrigues da Silva
Technology and Zoom art Gustavo Paixão

Download the Technical Rider for Opus 8.z