The BIRD project (Bilateral Interests on Research and Development) supported by the EEA Grants Bilateral Relations Fund in 2020 allowed a partnership between CMT, LAMCI (CESEM, Nova FCSH) and Oslo Metropolitan University (Faculty of Education and International Studies). We share common interests on arts for childhood’ research, on the creation of performances for babies and children and its assessment and also in the use of art as a tool for social and human development. In February 2020 Helena Rodrigues presented workshops and a conference on the work of the Companhia de Música Teatral in the field of art for children, which is considered by our partners as very solid and pioneering. At that time, too, we presented PaPI-Opus 8 in two kindergartens in Norway. According to the director of the kindergarten Norlandia Vardefjellet de Frogner in Lillestrøm, the performances left very positive impressions on children and professionals, which made them feel privileged. The performances were filmed and observed by Professors Jan Svenson, Leif Hernes and Toina Gulpinar. These colleagues shared their reflections and their experience at the X International Colloquium one Arts for Childhood and Social and Human Development held at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and transmitted via Zoom on 28th and 29th November 2020. It was a unique opportunity to combine the strengths of all partners, allowing us to deepen previous work experiences and to consolidate our vanguard role in artistic practices for children and for early childhood.

Clck here for the article in the Norlandia Vardefjellet kindergarde website