The rumors of O Céu Por Cima de Cá continue to be heard. The project was nominated in the international competition “Young Audiences Music Awards” for the category of Best Opera. The YAMawards aim to identify and support productions from around the world that inspire and engage young people and distinguish the creativity and innovation of music productions for this age group. The awards are given by the organization Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI), an organization that stands out for defending that access to music and culture are fundamental rights of all children and young people. Murmuratorium was awarded the Best Participatory Project award last year The rumors of O Céu Por Cima de Cá will also continue to be heard through a book/sensitive memory that accompanies the video recording of the premiére in V. N. Famalicão. The launch will take place at Casa das Artes, on October 17th. It is a work that aims to explore the reverberations of the project carried out in 2020, explaining and communicating the “whys” and “hows”, the “where this comes from and where it is going”, but which is also a tangible, “physical work”. you can revisit, a kind of “subtle manifesto”, an object of communication and dissemination, created as an artistic response to the principles and languages ​​of the performance. The book is the result of work carried out with the team of O Bichinho do Conto, with whom CMT had collaborated on previous projects, namely in the edition of the book Morte e Nascimento de Uma Flor and the Inventory of Fruits at Folio in Óbidos.