At the centre of this piece stand the figures of DJ Moz and VJ Art, a truly interdisciplinary and contemporary pair who draw on the various talents of their creative team, and also the audience, to create a piece somewhere between music, theatre and digital art.

Besides the immediate interpretation of what takes place on stage (which is communicated in a very accessible musical and visual language), A Flauta Quase Mágica (The Almost Magic Flute) has other sides: the audience observes and also takes part in the whole creative process (by being invited to choose the way the story unfolds; by helping to make sound) while the heroes of the piece cross interactive spaces, making reference to virtual reality, and cross-referencing Mozart’s musical language with urban street music. Humor and caricature are key elements, as well as a combination of various musical and artistic languages and a strong technological component. Continuing the philosophy of CMT’s work, A Flauta Quase Mágica is a piece of music-theatre for all ages. The year marking the 250th anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest figures of western music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–2006), was certainly an excellent year to listen to his work and to use it as a creative source while honouring the maestro.