Aguário is a series of “performing poems” where the multiple voices of water mingle with the human voice, the body and movement, the image and scenic objects.

It is said that there is a language spoken by raindrops, ocean waves, fountains and rivers. That even in the clouds you can hear conversations, as well as in the drops of dew, where it takes on delicate shapes that can only be heard in the early morning. In the deep ocean, on the contrary, it sounds deep and majestic.

As with other languages whose dictionaries have yet to be made, it requires careful listening and the ability to imagine. When this is so, music emerges. Aguário investigates the possibility to deal with water as an artistic material that can be molded as a line, gesture, sound, flowing in time and space. Connecting everything and everyone, as that is the nature of water. Aguário is a co-production by CMT and Casa das Artes by V. N. Famalicão, with whom Cidade Orizuro is being built. The première takes place on 25-26 de Setembro, at the Grande Auditório, Casa das Artes.