Anatomy of the Piano is a show that aims to deconstruct the instrument that may be considered the most influential in the history of Western music.

Resulting from a remarkable technological evolution and centuries of repertoire, practices and rituals, the piano is an icon for musical instruments. In “Anatomy of the Piano”, more than an instrument, the piano is a place, a being with life, a sculpture, a stage, a house where music lives, boasting stories without words made of sounds, images and body.

Designed as an open structure accommodating multidisciplinary tableaux, “Anatomy of the Piano” is based on the complicity of artists exploring areas of theater, dance, image and visual arts and a solid musical foundation helping bridge different discourses.

Anatomy of the Piano proposes the re-invention of the piano, both musically and theatrically. It seeks to expand the lexicon of timbres and explore different ways of making the instrument sound.

It invites the audience to uncover normally hidden details, to seek points for viewing and listening, to build imaginary worlds where the boundaries of the various arts become blurred.

More than a rupture, it proposes multiple continuities, multiple meanings, a poetic territory where it is possible to travel between soundscapes and visuals that are usually compartmentalized. The piano emerges as the great protagonist of a total work of art.

Anatomy of the Piano is a performance aimed at families, but it is not a predictable or predetermined show.

It has a solid foundation that can then evolve or even change substantially depending on the “ingredients” that make up each production. It may take on a myriad of forms in our journey to discover the core of the instrument and get closer to the soul of music.