Ornitópera is a music-theater performance designed for the little ones and also for the adults they usually bring with them. Or is it the other way around?

One day, all the birds in the world gathered in a great assembly to address the serious problems they were all facing. It is not known why humans were not invited, perhaps because they were the cause of most of these problems. And the story goes on from there, with many adventures and an unexpected ending. At the beginning, there are no intelligible words, and the same goes for the middle and, even more so, the end. How do you tell a very old story about birds, which is also a poem, or maybe it’s a metaphor for the deepest aspects of what it means to be human? Perhaps with music. The language of birds.

Similar to other CMT projects, the presentation of Ornitópera can be complemented by a set of experiences that expand and deepen the artistic journey taking place on the main stage. The idea of an “artistic-educational constellation” is fundamental in CMT’s work organization and consists of different “bodies” interacting through aesthetic or conceptual “fields.” The scenic space of Ornitópera can be transformed into an installation, an autonomous experience to be presented before or after the show, and various forms of mediation activities can be programmed (conversations with the audience, preparatory visits to schools and kindergartens).