The Fábrica Centro Ciência Viva de Aveiro was the home/laboratory/ship for the Missão Mar Profundo #2. A group of students from Escola Secundária Homem Cristo (Aveiro) worked with the artists Mariana Miguel and Jorge Graça on the “sound samples” collected/created at Missão Mar Profundo #1. The workshops “Cartografia Sonora Imaginária” (Imaginary Sound Cartography) involved the creation of POLISPhones, the creation of sound tracks for videos and the construction of “instruments” using Makey Makey. The images collected by scientists from Aveiro (Portugal) and Bergen (Norway) mingled with “imaginary organisms” (developed from graphic elements created by designer Mafalda Maia) and the soundscapes of the Missão Mar Profundo #1 were the starting point for new sound discourses, tailored by the creativity of the students. There was also time to meet and hear marine biologist Joana Xavier talk about her work on the deep sea as well as Paulo Maria Rodrigues on art, science and community. The Missão Mar Profundo #2 concluded with a display of results where the public could see/touch the “specimens” created during the “Imaginary Sound Cartography” Workshops. This second Mar Profundo mission was successfully completed and the material collected was taken to the “laboratory” (it will serve as a starting point for future analysis and communication).