In Loulé, Pianoscópio became a laboratory, factory, voyage and home. It vibrated, sang, made itself seen and heard, played and was played. The convent of St. António, a beautiful space where the memories of stones coexist with the white shadows painted by Pianoscópio, was sea, sky, whale, bird, machine, cloud, lament, song, laughter, interrogation, bell, pulse. Som Riscado music and image festival in Loulé is a perfect example of careful programming, simultaneously coherent, bold, and eclectic, in deep dialogue with a diverse and interested audience.

Many questions: with words, with hands and with ears. The way this audience (adults, children, families, schools) has been “nurtured” by the team at  Cine-Teatro Louletano is remarkable: there is warmth and light and a deep conviction that art matters. CMT has consolidated a relationship with Loulé over recent years, especially through projects centred on children and education. Som Riscado took place in different circumstances from previous years and it was a real pleasure to share other ideas, to open other doors. In a public conversation on the first day of the festival we heard the expression “cultural responsibility”. In the following days we saw how this translated into the festival as a whole and our work in particular. It was a pleasure. Thank you.

Photos: Jorge Gomes/CML