ZygZag&Zoom combines the artistic nature of CMT’s work with the need to explore, question, discover and reinvent the use of Zoom platform.

In ZygZag&Zoom, CMT artist-educators explore different ways of “bringing people together” (as it happened in Poemário and Poemário Vivo).

The title of this Laboratory refers to “zigzagging”: “search”, “divergent thinking”, “disruption” of pre-established canons. In ZygZag&Zoom coexist: the idea of ​​an embryo, a matrix cell (ZYG is also the name of a CMT production); the metaphor of change and search for new directions (Zag); and Zoom (the name of the platform we use to expand creative freedom during confinement time).


For whom

Early childhood professionals, teachers, musicians and other artists.


• Experience multidisciplinary artistic learning experiences rooted on music.
• Access innovative learning experiences centered on interaction and creativity, using Zoom platform.
• Explore new ways of communication enhancement between people, through collective creation.
• Acquire new expressive vocabulary by observing live performances by CMT team.
• Acquire new perspectives and tools relevant for e-learning experiences.
• Participate in a final presentation of artistic work on Zoom platform (open to online audience).