What if the word poetry took wings? If images, sounds and gestures could be the raw material with which we play and dream, could be the “new words” of  poems tailored to our need to be together?

Poemário Vivo is born from Poemário, a collection of audiovisual poems made collaboratively by a group of artists working from home during the first lockdown. Drawn from CMT’s creative universe and from the relationship this group has developed with Fábrica das Artes on projects such as Pianoscópio, Gamelão de Porcelana e Cristal, ZYG and Mil Pássaros, the poems were created in a “here” and “now” that are multiple and the product of the time we live in.

These poems gained body and life in a music-theatre performance that uses the Zoom platform to join two artists performing in different cities, exploring  a sense of sharing time and space and involving the audience in an atmosphere of cumplicity. In Poemário Vivo the audience is invited to be the breath of what happens, the inspiration for what is built live.


Main language Music and Movement
Presentation platform The presentation is online through Zoom.
Performers Inês Rodrigues da Silva, Paulo Maria Rodrigues
Technology and Zoom art Gustavo Paixão

Download the Technical Rider for Poemário Vivo