Silently the work began, in an interior and autonomous exploration. At first glances and smiles were exchanged, later the group was searching for a joint creative work. In the space, a backdrop of poems, canvases and skeins falling from the ceiling transformed the four white walls into a specific imaginary.

Some sessions used no words and gestures became language. Letters and names began to be drawn everywhere. Other days, shapes of all colors took place on a large empty sheet of paper that was soon flooded with meaning. From the body we then started to work on the voice in an active and collaborative listening.

There was also space for poetry, poetry by Eugénio de Andrade. The voices echoed in the space. Syllables, consonants, words and phrases danced together.

Sometimes there was time to reflect on what we had experienced. “I want to find the child in me and let it live” or “Who tries to fly risks succeeding” are some of the thoughts of those who participated in those experiences.

Apart from the creative work, we attended lectures about the work of CMT, the work of Edwin Gordon and the emotional reactions of babies in a performance. We learned the theoretical and practical concepts about early childhood intervention.

At i.Lab Mil Pássaros, which took place from July 31 to August 5 in Loulé, a group of musicians, educators, enthusiasts and more developed an intense and collaborative work that culminated in a final performance aimed for families with babies and children.

Mariana Caldeira Pinto