With the arrival of Spring, A Liberdade a Passar Por Aqui also begins to blossom. This new constellation includes Prelúdio Para a Liberdade (open creation/training session), A Liberdade Passar Por Aqui (music-theatre performance), Mural da História Comum (participatory project and installation) and the PaPI-Opus 10 (music-theatre performance).

In April, the month of freedom, the first steps are taken in the construction of the constellation: there will be sessions of the participatory project Mural da História Comum in Loulé, which, in May, will take the form of an installation to be presented at the Cineteatro Louletano. In July, the Mural da História Comum will continue to grow at Solar da Música Nova in Loulé and in October, at Fábrica das Artes, CCB, is expected to grow even more. We will work with children, adolescents, youth, adults and older people. We will hear stories of what it was like to “wake up to freedom” after a long period of repression, but above all we are interested in the “experience of freedom” in the creation sessions and the “common stories” (in the everyday sense but also in the intersection of paths of people living in the same area) that promote a daily-philosophical reflection on Freedom and the care it needs to survive. About the role that everyone plays in making Freedom a common reality and the “tuning” that this requires. Also in April, at Fábrica das Artes, CCB, the Prelúdio Para a Liberdade, will be a “lap”, “nest”, “laboratory”, “open creation session”, training”, “party”, “celebration”. We will work with people related to education and art around an “improvisation” constructed from “starting materials”, inviting them to share their own memories and references (songs, poems, objects) for an exercise of “creative freedom” where sound, movement, words and some objects are explored.

The music theatre performance A Liberdade a Passar Por Aqui follows works such as AliBaBach, Orizuro, Ornitópera or the various PaPIs (part of the cycle Portable Play to Play), and seeks to respond to the challenge of involving adults (parents and grandparents) and young children (0-5) in a “ poetic experience” that offers several readings and allows different relationships between the audience and the piece. About Freedom: we tend to realize what it is, and the importance it has, when we miss it. It takes countless forms but is often invisible. It is a precious asset that needs our attention, to be nourished, taken care of. It is like the air we breathe or the water we drink. We need it to be ourselves. It should be part of what accompanies us when we grow up. Like Music. How do you explain or talk about it to the little ones? Maybe with Music. And the involvement of parents and grandparents, who certainly remember the time when it was necessary to be very careful with words. Many of them gave rise to songs or other ways of organizing sound, in many times and places. The exercise of revisiting melodies, rhythms, words, ideas and stories that are part of History, and that are in the memory of older people, and make them a multifaceted and free artistic experience, an environment of enjoyment and sharing for them and for the little ones is the challenge that Fábrica das Artes, CCB launched to CMT and that CMT proposes to address in 2024, in a co-production that also involves Casa das Artes by V. N. Famalicão and Cineteatro Louletano. A Liberdade a Passar Por Aqui will be premiered in the autumn at Casa das Artes de V. N. Famalicão and Fábrica das Artes, CCB, Lisboa.

PaPI-Opus 10 is inspired by the creative universe of A Liberdade Passar Por Aqui and will continue the cycle Peça a Peça Itinerante (PaPI), a set of small music-theatre performances designed to easily circulate through kindergartens and cultural and educational institutions interested in promoting access to culture. The first PaPIs were created in multidisciplinary and intergenerational artistic residencies held at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation as part of the Opus Tutti project. The Municipality of Vila Nova Famalicão was associated, from the beginning, with this artistic practice and several kindergartens in the municipality were able to benefit from this innovative contribution in our country. In the 25 years of CMT, in co-production with the Municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão, we will premiere another PaPI, also celebrating an artistic cycle that has proven to be a solid contribution in the field of art for children and in which CMT and Casa das Artes took their first steps together.