A Canção da Terra is a musical piece that wanders through the territories of image, movement, word and several others.

Following the trend of recent creations by Companhia de Música Teatral (CMT), such as Aguário and O Céu Por Cima de Cá, it was conceived for the “big-stage”. It aims at an audience starting from children aged 6, but it is intended to be as eclectic as possible, not only because the challenge of creating multiple readings is of particular interest to us, but also because “listening” to the Earth is a matter that concerns everyone. The starting point of the creative process is the idea that Planet Earth has a “voice” that is expressed in different ways and is very important to listen.

In A Canção da Terra myths, poetry, scientific and historical facts, soundscapes and, obviously, the historical references implicit in the title are explored (The Song of the Earth by Mahler or the homonymous film by Jorge Brum do Canto, among others). There is a clear intention to continue working on “tuning people, birds and flowers”, that is, to bring to the artistic discourse a concern with our relationship with the World we inhabit and which we want to continue to be our Home. Since NOAH, if not before, we have tried to make our projects awaken this awareness. Listening to the voice of the Earth is everyone’s duty.

As in other CMT projects, the presentation of A Canção da Terra can be complemented by a set of experiences that allow to expand and deepen the artistic journey that takes place on the main stage. The idea of an “artistic-educational constellation” is structural in the organization of the work of CMT and consists of a set of “bodies” of a different nature, interacting with each other through “fields” of an aesthetic or conceptual nature.

The Primeiro Prelúdio Para Uma Canção da Terra is a conference where the performance is contextualized within the artistic path of CMT and where aspects of the creative process and some of the references that were at its origin are revealed. Some general questions about CMT´s philosophy or the way we see the “craft of creating” are also approached. It is aimed at young people and adults, teachers, educators, artists, secondary and higher education students.

The mediation action Segundo Prelúdio Para Uma Canção da Terra is aimed at school audiences. It can take place at school or in the concert hall and can be prepared for any level of education (from primary school onwards). A Canção da Terra has multiple readings and the creative process was particularly interesting. It leaves countless clues for the work of various disciplines at school (not only those in the artistic and technological area but also in ecology, biology, history, citizenship, etc.). The mediation action seeks to create the possibility of a very close dialogue and is a pragmatic way of promoting students’ contact with the performers and the piece before the show. It is not intended to “explain”, but rather to captivate and share, to create a more attentive “listening”. The aim is to create an artist/class relationship, that is, that each class can get to know an artist’s “vision” of what the show is. Each performer promotes this experience in “character mode”, making their own “presentation” of about 30 min and establishing a direct dialogue with students and teachers. The intention is to create a “personal relationship” that will certainly be followed by a new contact at the end of the show.

The Terceiro Prelúdio Para Uma Canção da Terra is an object-installation that emerges from the scenic and musical universe of the show. An anticipation, in other cases a memory, an echo of what happens on stage, in a poetic and minimal register. An invitation to listen, to create a “relationship” that evokes the fragility of what surrounds us. It was designed for spaces such as the entrance hall of the concert room where the main presentation takes place.